Mouldy homes not worth a survey.ITV news and undertake a mould survey.

I was asked to attend this flat by ITV News and undertake a mould survey. Water was pouring in through the ceiling in different rooms. The only incredible factor was why the occupants weren’t sick. There are many reasons why illness doesn’t always follow mould exposure but bacteria and mould were competing in the flat and nobody knows the long term effects of this exposure. The landlords Croydon Council apparently ignored the pleas from various tenants. My work invariably takes me to properties where mould is or isn’t visible but occupants are suffering health effects. Unfortunately in so many cases landlords and insurers believe if you cant see the contamination it isn’t a health or safety problem. This is often made worse by idiot surveyors who without any training or knowledge provide worthless reports which almost always confirm to landlords and insurers that conditions are normal and any visible mould was caused by the tenants boiling peas without a saucepan lid. It might surprise some that the biggest health threat in this flat was hidden. If you can see mould , no point sampling, if you cant see mould and people suffer poor health, undertake investigation and sampling. If there was a an escape of water or flooding, expect serious contamination to be present and link contamination to urine and or blood analysis.

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