Insurers with money to burn?Water damaged buildings are a health risk. 

This project was a simple bath leak but because of the wrong drying protocols by Insurers nominated contractors, they spread mould and bacteria related inflammagens


Mould to get very expensive for landlords and insurers!

The new law “Homes Fitness for Human habitation Act 2018” comes into effect from March 2020 This law means tenants can from 20/03/20, go directly


Direct Line NEW claim handler tools Libel, Slander and Malice?

After a policyholder complained that two Direct Line nominated contractors proposed potentially dangerous protocols to remediate an agreed and accepted water damage event, she asked


Mouldy homes not worth a survey.ITV news and undertake a mould survey.

I was asked to attend this flat by ITV News and undertake a mould survey. Water was pouring in through the ceiling in different rooms.


Why would a lawyer representing Thames Water say sewage floating ?

This flood was from a burst water main in Queens Drive London N4. It overloaded drains and sewers and ran over and through gardens carrying


Crawfords, Sedgewicks & Questgates Did they hide victim health risk?

This newspaper photo shows the Queens Drive, Thames Water flood This flood in Queens Drive north London in 2019, affected 400 homes of someone’s grandparents,

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