Dummies Guide on Mould Decontamination

There are several reasonable questions and criteria which should be requested:

 Be very wary if the company isn’t qualified or provides certification from a  2 or 3 day course by City and Guidls “Dew Point” or any other  brief training.

You might be surprised to find there not available or a simple phone call may explain its worthless

Risk reduction to measured levels and these should be explained and proven.

You should request data on products used in your home, you should ask if dead spores and fragments will be removed or will they remain for inhalation, which is an even greater risk

The short answer is no but they will no doubt convince you otherwise although professional assessment will likely show its made matters worse

There will always be exceptions but in 35 years of working in the industry I have never met one. Insurers usually engage companies that save them money. Again, ask for qualification and third party verification. They will probably refuse to work for you.

The term decontamination is widely used by contractors, so let’s drill down to reveal some facts.

  1. Decontamination is the removal or neutralising of harmful contaminates.
  2. Removal means actual cleaning of air and possibly surfaces to remove the target contaminates. This can and usually is, labour intensive.
  3. Neutralizing is basically killing or reducing the contamination harmful effects.
  4. Dilution is the reduction of the contamination by dilution, perhaps by air exchanges, perhaps water or a chemically opposite or known actions of paring agents.
Mouldillness Mycotoxins cleaning mold affected places
Mouldillness Mycotoxins Doctor working with laptop computer and writing on paperwork

Typical shortfalls of products and services currently available.

Everyone wants a decon service that is safe and you can walk back in the property within a couple of hours. Now consider every domestic situation where any chemicals are involved.

  1. Blood-stained shirt , soak in chemicals overnight
  2. Oven degreaser, apply after warming oven and wait a minimum of 1 hour.
  3. Engine degreaser , apply and wait 30 minutes before jetting off In all cases chemicals require a dwell period and this is to allow the desired outcome, which in mould decontamination is oxidation. Generally, chemical treatments strong enough to have any impact will require a long dwell period and a long period before re entry into the work area.

This diagram and WHO logo are possibly the most important information any mould illness sufferer could wish for.

The human body has no defence against particles less than 7.5 micron. This means anything smaller can by pass defences and enter the lower respiratory system (Alveoli) where blood oxygen exchange occurs.

Mouldillness Mycotoxins building forensics - World Health Organization (WHO) logo
Mouldillness Mycotoxins building forensics Human Respiratory system visual
Mouldillness Mycotoxins building forensics - World Health Organization (WHO) logo
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