Four Routes to health improvement

If you recognise all of these photos, you may be following the wrong treatment route?,

You have Four choices on routes to better health.

Route 1

If you have the budget, I recommend all the testing available, and we can help clients identify resources. When or if you need confirmation you are ill, and its likely building related illness, you might embark on a merry go round of treatment, testing and more treatment because if the triggers are still present in your home, they will continue to affect you, and reduce the effectiveness of any treatment.

Your treatment will continue possibly for years,  unless the route cause contamination is removed or the tipping point is changed,  and you are no longer absorbing toxins and or inflammagens, giving your treatment the chance to work. You will probably take binders, vitamins and generally improve your immune response, unfortunately possibly countering benefits with antifungals and antibiotics which generally destroy the immune system.   You will realise continuing treatment while  exposure is present, is unlikely to see major health improvements.

Route 2

In route 1, the goal is identify health issues and to make your immune system so strong you can battle to overcome the effects of toxins and or inflammagens that are making you sick. If you know you are ill,  do you require extensive testing to confirm it? If you identify markers and history to suggest your illness may be building related isn’t that enough?You would probably recognise it might more sense to identify the contamination and remove it and identify its causation and remediate.

Your natural defence and immune system now has a chance of overcoming symptoms and certainly assistance from Nutritionists and the medical profession can be seen as an obvious asset.

Route 3

This is the route many of our clients have taken. It is often camping in the garden, and moving out. Many are wrongly diagnosed with Lyme, poor immune system and of course elevated mycotoxins in urine, the sauna and of course the grounding mat are other additions and add to this pills and potions. Unfortunately, none of these solutions work if your still exposed to the triggers but all may improve your health if you remove the inflammagens and causation  such as mould , bacteria, whatever.

Route 4

This is the most likely route to help you get better faster and the most economical.
  • We work with you or your medical practitioner to confirm symptoms and timeline data.
  • Provide introduction to medical and laboratory facilities if required.
  • Investigate the property and assess various sampling options for most likely triggers.
  • Identify the contamination, its causation, source, and likely reservoirs.
  • Recommend remediation issues and or assist.
  • Decontaminate surfaces and air.
  • Provide clearance verification.
  • These risk reduction techniques are designed to reduce triggers and allow your immune system to  repair and benefit from targeted medical intervention.  
Mouldillness Mycotoxins building forensics living in Garden
Living in the garden

In thirty years of investigating mould and building related illness, I have seen too many cases where my clients could not enter the home due to toxic response. This generally starts off with minor symptoms which build to major reactions as the body reaches a tipping point.


The removal of triggers and inflammagens is the first important step which most contractors appear to ignore. Identifying the contamination is very important and different contaminates and inflammagens may require differing protocols to reduce risk or exposure.
Some forms of mould treatment can actually increase one form of contamination while reducing another and equally increase symptoms. .It is of course important to understand the differences and even more important to identify hidden reservoirs and causation. That’s where we can assist and provide professional services to reduce your health risks at home or work.

Hard Science for identification of mould illness

The following topics were written by Dr. Shoemaker, possibly the world’s foremost influencer in mold illness and care. Dr.Shoemaker shows the forms and types of sampling required to suspect mold illness. You will realize these scientific analyses are undertaken by world-leading laboratories based in the USA. I have had all these tests and have spent tens of thousands of pounds to confirm, yes I am sick!!!! It’s an interesting point that we will follow that none of these tests improved my health but did allow expert doctors to provide the right treatment and retake all the tests to see if the treatment was working.

Mouldillness Mycotoxins building forensics Jeff Charlton the researcher & founder of Mouldillness, Mycotoxins Buildingforensics
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