Mouldillness Mycotoxins cleaning mold affected patients


As a technician at St Georges Hospital  in the 1960s I was taught the term patient only applies to a person under the care of a medical doctor. I have used it here only to focus response and assure you we have no intention or qualification to provide medical treatment and our web site is purely information and guidance which you should discuss with your medical professional.

We can assist (possibly) you or your medical team with a route forward to (better) improved) health & treatment through confirmed  risk reduction and  elimination or reduction of harmful triggers.

From our inspection, analysis and report we can provide advice on a route to remediation, and perhaps decontamination and risk reduction and a first assessment should be water
damage of some form, current or historic. The effect may be from chemicals, VOCs, mould and
increasingly proven to be bacteria. Air pathways can carry contaminates to areas far away form the
source and only professional equipment and competence may identify it. We can assist here.

We provide you a free risk assessment that you can review and may help you decide the route forward to reduction of your possible mould or building related illness.

Please make an enquiry and we will respond with relevant information.

Mouldillness Mycotoxins a sick patient taking saline while sleeping
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