Over 60 Alzhimers MS

Alzheimer’s and Immune response

As we get older our immune response levels decrease and we may develop illness which are linked to inflammation Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis are two typical examples where inflammation of the brain can cause devastating effects. Dr Bredesen book and “The End of Alzheimer’s” together several specialist clinics now promote protocols  which propose a  variety of actions to slow down or recover.Treatments invariably (but not always) revolve around diet and improving the immune system through the gut. While Alzheimer’s may have differing causes one concern is inflammation of areas within the brain. There are several chemicals and mycotoxins that can breech the blood brain barrier and cause localised inflammation and result in symptoms such as MS and Alzheimer’s. Your medical team may provide risk information and perhaps recommend investigation of mycotoxin present in blood. We can provide assessments and analysis of potential inflammagens in the home and their possible causation.

Mouldillness Mycotoxins mold effected old men and women
Mouldillness Mycotoxins building forensics chronic-inflammatory-in-mobile
Intermittent Fasting and avoiding sugar and dairy are a few of the recognised actions but most revolve around treatment NOT cure. While the body can cause its own inflammation you can imagine the effects of inhaling toxins which enter the blood stream through lower respiratory system. Yes, breathing in toxins and inflammagens can affect your immune system and you can see the benefit of a twofold approach
  • Remove the toxin and inflammation exposure from the home.
  • Improve your immune system to deal with a lower level of inflammagens.

The inflammagens we usually find in clients homes can break through the blood brain barrier and cause brain inflammation.

We can assist in developing and activating a measured and verifiable Indoor Air Quality improvements  to allow your immune system to reduce inflammation and symptoms.      

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